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What does it feel like to get an NAD IV?

What Additives should be combined with NAD+ IV?

When receiving an NAD IV, what does it feel like? Personally, I frequently receive NAD IVs and recommend other IV nutrients and amino acids with NAD because it helps balance the body, cleanse the body, and deliver multivitamins and minerals inside cells. It also aids in detoxification and anti-oxidation. We have developed a series of protocols with multiple IVs in a row that patients can receive to help with the symptoms and conditions. What supplements do we use with our NAD IV protocols? I will show you some of the supplements without going too deep into their physiology and biochemistry. One important molecule is called ribose, which is part of the Krebs cycle pathway that I mentioned earlier. Adding d-ribose to the Krebs cycle in our body can facilitate this process and make it faster. Another important supplement is a B-complex. NAD comes from vitamin B3, so it is crucial to have B-complex in the body not only to produce NAD, but also because B vitamins are coenzymes used in various enzymatic reactions in the body. They also help with energy, brain physiology, liver detoxification, and other bodily functions. Amino acids are essential, including metabolic GH, which synthesizes NAD from amino acids tryptophan and aspartate. Amino acids not only work in this process but also help with brain physiology and hormones. Coenzyme Q10 is always important in mitochondrial processes, and a supplement called Mitochondrial Boost has most of the necessary ingredients for mitochondria to function correctly, including resveratrol. For patients undergoing liver detoxification, we suggest a supplement called Glutathione along with their IV NAD, which has all the necessary ingredients to help the liver with its phase one and phase two detoxification process.

What Does NAD IV Feel Like?

As I promised, let me describe what an IV NAD looks like and how it feels when receiving it. When I am connected to the IV NAD, which is a clear molecule in normal saline. There is no color, unlike other IVs that have vitamins and minerals. I am going very slow with the drip rate, so I can tell you how it feels to receive it. At a slow rate, it feels good and a bit energizing. For some of our patients, including myself, vision becomes clearer, and mental activity becomes easier right away after receiving it. Now, I will increase the drip rate a bit. As I increase it, my heart rate goes up a little bit, and my palms become a little sweaty. As I continue to increase it, my heart rate goes faster, and I begin to sweat more. Some people like this rush, but we recommend a regular rate. I often get temporary sinus congestion that disappears quickly. Patients can control the amount that is comfortable for them. As soon as I decrease the rate, all symptoms disappear quickly. Remember you are in control of the flow rate of the therapy so take your time and relax.

Michael Lickteig NRP , LP, FP-C, MBA

Michael Lickteig, along with his wife Melissa, built Liberty IV Infusion Therapy to serve the North Texas community. Both Michael and Melissa are Nationally Registered Paramedics licensed in the State of Texas, and both hold National Board Certification as Certified Flight Paramedics. Their careers in emergency medicine span more than a decade working in prehospital emergency 911 and critical care transport, as well as on staff inside some of North Texas’ busiest emergency/trauma units serving both adult and pediatric populations.. Michael holds an MBA from the University of North Texas and Melissa a BS degree from the University of Texas Arlington. The Lickteig family has strong ties to the military and has established partnerships with retired veterans and first responder organizations dedicated to reducing the occurrence of suicide in these vulnerable groups. Their goal is to make care available and affordable to veterans, first responders, or anyone else who is struggling with chronic pain, TBI, or PTSD throughout the North Texas Region.

Melissa Lickteig NRP, LP, FP-C, BS



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