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Get an IV From our Paramedic Today

Energy & Focus IV Drip Package

Liberty IV has individualized treatment plans with same-day appointments and virtual doctor consults seven days a week. If you have not experienced IV drip therapy, get ready to hydrate, energize, and recover today. Intravenous hydration can boost athletic performance, attack a migraine, bring quick relief to a stomach bug, and even shorten a Cold or Flu.

Wellness Support IV Packages in Dallas & Their Components

Let me invite you to browse our IV options where you will find our individualized treatments using vitamin blends like the Myers cocktail, or other premium compounds such as glutathione, corticosteroid, biotin, Zofran, and Toradol. It’s important for you to know that Liberty IV has Paramedics that administer and monitor our therapy. They are in each clinic and can even respond to your home or office with a mobile paramedic. Our paramedics even deliver IV therapies at rates 22% lower than most aesthetic medical spas.

Additional Services of Our IV Drip Bar in North Texas

Can you believe there is no additional charge for In-Home Therapy? Our priority same-day response is only an additional fifty dollars outside our clinic. Do not forget about those doctor Consults. Our board-certified physician is available 7 days a week for virtual sick visits, lab work, medication refills, prescription weight loss, or even testosterone replacement therapy.

Where We Deliver IV Therapy & Injections Weight Loss & Testosterone


We treat Migraines, boost athletic performance, relieve stomach bugs, shorten colds and flu, Remedy hangovers, bring physical recovery, pain management, & even address addiction. We make IV therapy available for everyone with same-day appointments available every day of the week

Feel Better Now with Liberty IV.

Michael Lickteig NRP , LP, FP-C, MBA

Michael Lickteig, along with his wife Melissa, built Liberty IV Infusion Therapy to serve the North Texas community. Both Michael and Melissa are Nationally Registered Paramedics licensed in the State of Texas, and both hold National Board Certification as Certified Flight Paramedics. Their careers in emergency medicine span more than a decade working in prehospital emergency 911 and critical care transport, as well as on staff inside some of North Texas’ busiest emergency/trauma units serving both adult and pediatric populations.. Michael holds an MBA from the University of North Texas and Melissa a BS degree from the University of Texas Arlington. The Lickteig family has strong ties to the military and has established partnerships with retired veterans and first responder organizations dedicated to reducing the occurrence of suicide in these vulnerable groups. Their goal is to make care available and affordable to veterans, first responders, or anyone else who is struggling with chronic pain, TBI, or PTSD throughout the North Texas Region.

Melissa Lickteig NRP, LP, FP-C, BS


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